Thursdays on Zoom 2:00-3:30 pm Oct 21, 28 & Nov 4, 11 & 18

In the transformations that mark our flourishing through this life, those that begin these days in our 50s are fascinating.  Changes in family situations, work settings, health status, worldviews, and friendship networks all raise intriguing questions about security and significance in our lives.  But where can we come together and explore the questions that these transformations pose for us in a safe and stimulating space?

That’s what this series of conversation about Saging in Grace seeks to provide – a safe and stimulating space to explore possibilities for the rest of your life.  We’ve culled a wide range of written opinion and chosen some quotes to get the conversation going each week.  One of the participants will initiate the explorations with insights and questions the quote provoked for them.  Then we see where the Spirit leads us in our conversations. 

Our first round of these provocative conversations at Brentwood will begin on Zoom on Thursday, Oct 21 and continue on Thursday each week through to Nov 18 at 2:00pm. Registration is limited and available at Saging in Grace – Fall 2021

For more info email Jim Smith at

The Rev Jim Smith is Brentwood’s Minister-in-Association.  Prior to his retirement in 2019, he was minister at Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Vancouver.  He was a key support in getting the revitalization of Brentwood started back in 2009 and it is great to have him more deeply involved now.  He’s a keen student of the triune Creator’s nourishment of our lives to flourish at any age.